The Best of the Online Fantasy Gameplay

Ever wanted to be a cowboy or an indian racing across the badlands of america?, ever wanted to be a knight battling for his king or his lady? Well these are the sites that allow you to do just that, it doesnt matter what you are in real life, with these sites you can be anyone or thing you want.

The West 

Become a cowboy in the old west, work on a farm tending pigs and other small jobs until you've earned enough money to buy your own town. Complete quest to earn skill points and become the best dueler in the land. Do you have what it takes to be a cowboy?

For those of you wishing to join, choose world one and go to the town Bandits Rest, this is my town and I'm glad to take anyone who wish's to join.

Battle Knight 

Become a knight and battle your way to the top. You can send your night on missions to gain experience.

Kings Age 

Sticking with the theme of knights, you can become the king of a realm here and lead your kingdom to ultimate glory.

 Katsuro - Path of Honour

If you dreams of becoming a samurai warrior this is the site for you.


Is it space warfare your looking for? Ogame is definitely the place for you, you start with limited supply's so build mines and factory's to advance your planet into the greatest empire since time began.

Puzzle Pirates 

Become part of a scurvy crew completing puzzles to earn your way to the top.