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18 Wheeler is a game about driving skill, not racing skill. You must drive your lorry around the track without crashing a park perfectly in the parking space. This is one of those slightly addictive games that everyone loves.

The Idea of Super Fishing is simple, all you have to do is catch fish. You get my time and points for catching fish and you loose time if you catch rubbish, enjoy!

How much gold can you reel in?

Help Gold miner collect all the presents in this festive version of reel gold.

Twiddlestixs is a great game which requires your concentration to navigate your rotating stix through each maze.

The sequel to probably the best lorry drining game out there.

A very tricky flying game, taking off is easy but getting back down again is very hard.

Snow line is a fun and simple game, all you have to do is draw a line which Santa will slide along and collect all the presents.

Smashing is a remake of the classic Block Breaker

Music Catch 2 is the most relaxing game ever, there's beautiful music and all you have to do is move the mouse pointer around collecting as many notes as you can.

Guide your fireball down the tunnel killing the creatures as you go and without hitting the cave walls.

Urban Sniper is a tricky game, you need to read your assignment properly if your to complete your mission. It's taking note of the little details that will help you succeed in this game.

Guide your snake around collecting targets as you go.

Help Zed complete his mission and collect as much gold as possible along the way.

A great flying game in which you must destroy the enemy which is trying to sink your ship.

Polar jump is all about distance and reflexs. Your aim is to make your polar bear jump as high as you can, to do this you must click on the bear as he falls which sounds easy but he moves quite fast.

Your mission in shove it should you choose to accept it is to push the blocks into the correct positions. 

How many words can you make from the jumbled letters?

 Tennis Ace does exactly what it says on the tin it lets you play tennis from the comfort of your computer desk.

Help Red Beard reach the goal by collecting the colloured balls.

Storm Rage puts you in the seat of your own stunt plane. Your goal is to beat the other plane through the hoop's. The tricky part of this game is lining the plane up correctly for the hoop's but if your not interested in winning the race you can easily loop the loop through the hoops if you feel like it.

A great little car racing game, this is multiplayer so it's great for two people.

This is another fun distance game, you have a walrus and a giant sling shot all you have to do is see how far you can shoot him.

Have a day slacking off school, dont get stressed.

In this basketball you must get past all your opponents and then you find out if you have the skill to score.

Sim Taxi lets you take control of a taxi in a little town, the faster you get people to their destination the more money you earn. This Sim game is reminiscent of the old GTA1 game as you look down on the cars in a similar way and brings back fond memory of those days of simple mindless violence.

The second Fowl Words game see's type the words on the moving eggs before they reach the end of the conveyour, fall and break.

Crash Down is like a new version of tetris all you have to do is click the groups of coloured blocks before they fill the screen.


Gangsters Life is another game very similar to GTA1. Your a prisoner who has broken out of prison and straight away you steal another gangs car and spped away as they try to kill you, does that not say it all.

In Sushi Go Round you take control of your own Sushi bar, you have to cook, reorder stock and clean the dishs and you have to do it as fast as you can or your customers will get angry.

Mini Pool 2 is a simple pool game, pot what you can before the time runs out

Cube Buster is a similar game to Crash Down, just click the coloured groups to destroy them.

Dune Bashing is a game designed for someone who just wants to relax and doesnt want to a complicated game. You just hop on your quad and hit the throttle.

In Deep Freeze you take control of santa and try to freeze the bad guys, when you have them frozen in a ball kick it to kill them.

Control your space ship from take off to landing.

Fly your little spaceship around to collect the fruit and then land on the platform with destroying your ship.

This game is a classic, just defend your city from the falling missles, it couldnt be simpler.

A simple but very addictive little game.

Dare Devil is another simple driving game where you go as fast as you can, do some stunts and try and stop before you hit the wall.

Mountain Bike does exactly what it says on the tin, get on your bike and complete the corse as fast as you can.


Last Shot is a shoot em up game, you are a special forces comando and your pretty much a one man army.

In Balance you have a tennis racket balancing on your mouse pointer, you must move it to avoid the falling sports equiptment but dont drop the racket.

Shoot smiley faces with your paintball gun.

Help Panik collect all the orange balls.

Speed Racer is all about racing car's, just pick one and try and beat the other guy's, there's nothing complicated to it.

In detonator you must blow up all the bombs along the path without destroying your path or blowing yourself up.


The Idea of Colour Burst is to click on a colour which then explodes and in turn blows up any dots inside its explosion area. You must pick the dot which will cause the most damage.

 No suprises here, find out how good a surfer you are.

In Ping Pong you have a ping pong paddle and all you have to do is keep bouncing the ping pong ball as long as you can, easy right? Try it and see

Ice Hockey does exactly what it say's on the tin, you play hockey against the computer (which is very hard) or against a friend which will probably be much easier.


Help your penguin rearange the blocks into the correct order.

In Mission Mars you are a Flying Saucer attacking a city, the fast you destroy the city the more points you get.

Conquer Antartica is a fun game in which you attempt to kill the penguin's on the other ice berg. This game is similar to the playstation game worm's.

Defend your city from the falling bombs by pressing the buttons which correspond to the bombs.

Become a one man army and defeat the enemy.

Min Moto is simply about racing mini motorbikes while avoiding the wall's and the oil slick's, goog luck.

Become a Ninja and fight your way to the top.

Become the farmer and run your farm, buy and sell crops to make money. You can also buy chickens and sell their egg's.

Defend your base from attacking space ships, are you quick enough?

Jungle Assassin is all about stealth you must kill the enemy before they see you because if they hit you your dead instantly.

Another chance for you to show you have what it takes to be the best Ninja.

Mushroom Farm Defender is an addictive game, you could easily loose hour's with this game. Your goal is to place your mushroom turrets in position's that will ensure that any attacking force will be destroyed before they reach your farm.

Become a small robotic alien and fight off the other robots which try to steal your power.

Create your very own simpson character here, write a little message and print it out. 

Soul of the Katana is a ninja type game where you run around killing people with a samurai sword. A very good way to relax.

This is the classic game Battleship and its still as good as ever.

City Gunner lets you run around shooting soldiers and saving people, a simple and fun game.

I dont really know what you do in this game, you move flowers and more grow, goodluck figuring it out.

 Big Truck Adventures is a great game where you become the driver of a delivery truck on the roughest terrain known to man. But be careful how you drive or you'll loose your cargo.

 Just match the colours of the balls to break them before they reach the bottom.

Blox Forever is a fun puzzle game, just move the block around in the right order to complete the puzzle.

Become the Evil Minion and stalk the streets of london stealing children for your master.

Volley Ball with a bomd, need i say more!

Warrior Quest is a street fighter type game in which you choose a character and battle to be the greatest warrior.

In Bubble Trouble you need to burst the bubbles without getting hit.

Moto Madness is simply a motorcycle racing game.

In Bug on a Wire you are a small insect running along electricity wires, as you race along you must dodge the crows whih try to eat you.

Cake Quest, eat pies and fart to run faster, needs no more explanation.  

In Bunch you have to rotate the balls around until you get the biggest group you can, and then push collect to get your points.

Deluxe Pool is a brilliant pool game, all you have to do is pot the balls in the correct order to get the most points.


In cable Capers 2 you must wlak around the creepy building while avoiding being killed by all the strange creatures.

Become a pirate in Cannon Blast and destroy all the enemy ships before they destroy you.

In Canyon Glider you must control your glider through various obstacles to gain as many points as you can. Hit left and right quick to build up enough speed to take off.

Line up and score the perfect goal in Field Goal Challenge.

Take control of your own fighter space ship and destroy as many enemys as you can.


Fly your little space ship from one place to another being careful not to crash.

In Gyroball you must control the ball around the circuit without falling off the track.

In King of the Hill you use the catapults in your castle to destroy the oncoming enemy troops.

Wakeboarding XS puts you on a wakeboard, your goal being to avoid collisions and to do some stunts.

Can you park the cars and them to their owners before the car park fills up?

Dive to the depths in search of hidden treasure. But watch your air supply.

Fly Joe and his little space ship to the correct area's